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Full Body Power

Alternating Dead Ball Slams and Box Blast Superset

  I like to use these two exercises paired together because they compliment one another.  The slams force production mostly comes from the big flexor muscles of the body (front) and the main muscles of the blasts are the big extensors (back).  Further, each exercise emphasizes one side at a time, lateral/side and rotational muscles.  As you can see, every major muscle is being used.  

   These exercises are quite advanced.  Like with all exercises we have progressions and regressions that allow us to modify each exercise and routine for you.  Sign up to be a member for free and learn the many different applications of these exercises to see how to incorporate this into your training.  Members can access the full workout and print out the PDFs.

Core Strength, Exercise Technique, Form

Simple Side Plank…Right?

Hey guys and gals.  Today I was updating my pics of my go to exercises, the ones I use the most and pack the most punch for your time crunch.  When I went to look at my side plank, that I have been doing hundreds if not thousands of times not to mention coaching millions of times, I noticed some errors in my technique that I normally call people out on.

I was left at a HUGE moral dilemma! Should I erase the pic/s and not ever tell anyone about them?  or should I try to make right where I was wrong?  The correction/s should be pretty simple, I know what to correct and I have a pretty damn good sense of kinestetic awareness/proprioception…..right?

Well here is just a few takes after erasing the first one or two ;-)


Looking like a dog who is confused


confused dog look






SidePlankError  Easier to see once the lines are drawn in.






Finally after about 5 takes I got it as close to right as I am going to get it without having someone put me into my place, ha!  Also another good  use for a PVC pipe is to show correct alignment, not just to teach Olympic Lifts.