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I. Activation and Pillar Strength

a) TRX Pikes x 10-12 reps

b) Safety Bar Good Mornings x 10-12

c) Ab rollout x 6-8

d) Single Leg Hip Thrust w/ opposite hand on opposite knee x 10-12 each

e) Side Plank w/ Clams x 10 each

II. Dynamic Warm Up

a) High knees for 30 seconds

b) Alternating Step Ups x 10 each leg or 20 total with knee hug on the last 3

c) 30 Jumping Jacks

d) Med ball rotations x 10 each

e) Med ball Over Head reach with side bend x 5 each

f) Reverse lunges with rotations x 5 each

g) Reverse lunges with Over Head reach and side bend x 5 each

III. Power

a) Dynamic Squats at 30% 1 rep max X 4 reps for 4-6 sets

IV. Intervals

4 Sprints

a) Airdyne Bike Sprints at 100% for 20 seconds with 40 seconds recovery

b) Repeat for as long as possible and recover as long as needed.  Each following set, the recovery period was increased.  e.g. 40 seconds after 1st set, 1 minute after 2nd, and 2 minutes after 3rd, etc.

V. Strength

3 sets of each

  1. a) Single Leg Curl x 12

b) Renegade Rows x 10-12 each

Single Set

2. a) Off set loaded sandbag Single Leg RDLs x 4-6 each

b) Off set loaded sandbag SLRDLs x 10 each

c) DB Bench Press 10 reps, followed by 12lb med ball chest pass x 10, 10 lb x10,& 8lb x 10




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