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Simple Side Plank…Right?

Hey guys and gals.  Today I was updating my pics of my go to exercises, the ones I use the most and pack the most punch for your time crunch.  When I went to look at my side plank, that I have been doing hundreds if not thousands of times not to mention coaching millions of times, I noticed some errors in my technique that I normally call people out on.

I was left at a HUGE moral dilemma! Should I erase the pic/s and not ever tell anyone about them?  or should I try to make right where I was wrong?  The correction/s should be pretty simple, I know what to correct and I have a pretty damn good sense of kinestetic awareness/proprioception…..right?

Well here is just a few takes after erasing the first one or two ;-)


Looking like a dog who is confused


confused dog look






SidePlankError  Easier to see once the lines are drawn in.






Finally after about 5 takes I got it as close to right as I am going to get it without having someone put me into my place, ha!  Also another good  use for a PVC pipe is to show correct alignment, not just to teach Olympic Lifts.