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Being Still

I agree with the current wisdom that a whole food diet and regular exercise are essential to our good health and well being. What I'd add to that is spending some time everyday being quiet, still and relaxed. Being still and purposely relaxing our bodies allows us to connect with ourselves and creates an internal environment for healing and restoration. Time spent like this is an avenue away from disease causing stress,even when we are unable to make other changes to simplify our lives. So, want to be more fit? Stop what you're doing, close your eyes, settle down and let go of everything for a few minutes. You'll feel better and increase your fitness!


This routine takes the body into flexion and extension and strengthens the core, all in just a few minutes. It's a great way to squeeze in some movement when the day threatens to pass by without any. Use your breath during each movement, inhaling as you lower your thighs and open up and exhaling as you lift the thighs and close in. Work up to 20 repetitions.
Kirsten Bachmann, E-RYT 200, NCLMT #1293
  Kirsten has been teaching yoga since 2001 and a massage therapist since 1995.  She has helped countless individuals heal and restore themselves. 
awareness, breathe, focus




First and foremost is to be present in the moment.  Our focus and attention will direct us to our destination.  For us to hit a target, we must have one.  To improve focus and attention I begin clients  with conscious breathing.


Benefits of Conscious Breathing:

- Lowers Stress

- Better Digestion

- Decreases Inflammation

- Improved Self Awareness

- Increased energy and strength

- Improves Concentration

- Improves Sports Performance


Step 1:  Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.

Step 2:  Place your right hand palm down on your chest.  Take your left hand, palm  down  onto your belly.

Step 3:  Take a deep and full breathe in through your nose causing your left hand, your belly to rise and expand 3 dimensionally.  Minimal movement should be felt in your right hand.

Step 4:   Repeat for at least 5 minutes.

I usually begin and/or end each session with the connection of the mind and body through conscious breathing.  You will get more from your exercise and yourself if you are staying present with your thoughts, feelings, and sensations.