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I. Activation and Pillar Strength

a) TRX Pikes x 10-12 reps

b) Safety Bar Good Mornings x 10-12

c) Ab rollout x 6-8

d) Single Leg Hip Thrust w/ opposite hand on opposite knee x 10-12 each

e) Side Plank w/ Clams x 10 each

II. Dynamic Warm Up

a) High knees for 30 seconds

b) Alternating Step Ups x 10 each leg or 20 total with knee hug on the last 3

c) 30 Jumping Jacks

d) Med ball rotations x 10 each

e) Med ball Over Head reach with side bend x 5 each

f) Reverse lunges with rotations x 5 each

g) Reverse lunges with Over Head reach and side bend x 5 each

III. Power

a) Dynamic Squats at 30% 1 rep max X 4 reps for 4-6 sets

IV. Intervals

4 Sprints

a) Airdyne Bike Sprints at 100% for 20 seconds with 40 seconds recovery

b) Repeat for as long as possible and recover as long as needed.  Each following set, the recovery period was increased.  e.g. 40 seconds after 1st set, 1 minute after 2nd, and 2 minutes after 3rd, etc.

V. Strength

3 sets of each

  1. a) Single Leg Curl x 12

b) Renegade Rows x 10-12 each

Single Set

2. a) Off set loaded sandbag Single Leg RDLs x 4-6 each

b) Off set loaded sandbag SLRDLs x 10 each

c) DB Bench Press 10 reps, followed by 12lb med ball chest pass x 10, 10 lb x10,& 8lb x 10





Why do most people wear compression shorts, socks, etc?  When you ask them, you will normally hear " it feels good and supportive."  But did you know that research shows that compression helps with recovery too?  Professional hockey players and other athletes will wear compression suites and pants after long intensive games to prevent and minimize their soreness.  You will hear me reference professional athletes because they are the ones that get paid the big bucks to perform.  Below are several choices for compression that I trust and brands that I have used.

Being Still

I agree with the current wisdom that a whole food diet and regular exercise are essential to our good health and well being. What I'd add to that is spending some time everyday being quiet, still and relaxed. Being still and purposely relaxing our bodies allows us to connect with ourselves and creates an internal environment for healing and restoration. Time spent like this is an avenue away from disease causing stress,even when we are unable to make other changes to simplify our lives. So, want to be more fit? Stop what you're doing, close your eyes, settle down and let go of everything for a few minutes. You'll feel better and increase your fitness!


This routine takes the body into flexion and extension and strengthens the core, all in just a few minutes. It's a great way to squeeze in some movement when the day threatens to pass by without any. Use your breath during each movement, inhaling as you lower your thighs and open up and exhaling as you lift the thighs and close in. Work up to 20 repetitions.
Kirsten Bachmann, E-RYT 200, NCLMT #1293
  Kirsten has been teaching yoga since 2001 and a massage therapist since 1995.  She has helped countless individuals heal and restore themselves. 

Full Body Power

Alternating Dead Ball Slams and Box Blast Superset

  I like to use these two exercises paired together because they compliment one another.  The slams force production mostly comes from the big flexor muscles of the body (front) and the main muscles of the blasts are the big extensors (back).  Further, each exercise emphasizes one side at a time, lateral/side and rotational muscles.  As you can see, every major muscle is being used.  

   These exercises are quite advanced.  Like with all exercises we have progressions and regressions that allow us to modify each exercise and routine for you.  Sign up to be a member for free and learn the many different applications of these exercises to see how to incorporate this into your training.  Members can access the full workout and print out the PDFs.

Simple Side Plank…Right?

Hey guys and gals.  Today I was updating my pics of my go to exercises, the ones I use the most and pack the most punch for your time crunch.  When I went to look at my side plank, that I have been doing hundreds if not thousands of times not to mention coaching millions of times, I noticed some errors in my technique that I normally call people out on.

I was left at a HUGE moral dilemma! Should I erase the pic/s and not ever tell anyone about them?  or should I try to make right where I was wrong?  The correction/s should be pretty simple, I know what to correct and I have a pretty damn good sense of kinestetic awareness/proprioception…..right?

Well here is just a few takes after erasing the first one or two ;-)


Looking like a dog who is confused


confused dog look






SidePlankError  Easier to see once the lines are drawn in.






Finally after about 5 takes I got it as close to right as I am going to get it without having someone put me into my place, ha!  Also another good  use for a PVC pipe is to show correct alignment, not just to teach Olympic Lifts.



Barbell and Sandbag Combo Workouts

Here are some creative ways to combine both the barbell and sandbags to boost your RESULTS, change it up, and to get the most from your training.

Warm Up

Farmer’s Walk with Sandbag


30 yards, 15 yds down and 15 yds back

Unilateral Farmer’s Walk with Sandbag


15 yds down and back

Sandbag Power Cleans

2 sets of 5 reps

Shouldering with Sandbag


Alternating 3 reps each side for a total of 6 resps, complete 2 sets

1 a) Barbell Squats

Perform your prescribed %, reps, and sets as normal.

Week 1:  I start with 65-75%  of my 1 RM for 8-12 reps for 2-4 sets

    b)  Pull Ups or Pull downs

2-4 sets for 8-12 reps

2 a) Front Squats, Sandbag


2-4 sets 8-12 reps

   b) Bent Over Sandbag rows

2-4 sets 8-12 reps


Unilateral Farmer’s Carries

2 sets on each shoulder for 15 yds down and back with approximately 1 minute rest between sets.  Keep your rest as short as possible to be able to perform each set with as much symmetry as possible and good posture!

Farmer’s Walk with Sandbag

2 sets for 15 yds down and back with minimal rest between sets.  Only rest as long as you need to recover and perform a quality set.




First and foremost is to be present in the moment.  Our focus and attention will direct us to our destination.  For us to hit a target, we must have one.  To improve focus and attention I begin clients  with conscious breathing.


Benefits of Conscious Breathing:

- Lowers Stress

- Better Digestion

- Decreases Inflammation

- Improved Self Awareness

- Increased energy and strength

- Improves Concentration

- Improves Sports Performance


Step 1:  Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.

Step 2:  Place your right hand palm down on your chest.  Take your left hand, palm  down  onto your belly.

Step 3:  Take a deep and full breathe in through your nose causing your left hand, your belly to rise and expand 3 dimensionally.  Minimal movement should be felt in your right hand.

Step 4:   Repeat for at least 5 minutes.

I usually begin and/or end each session with the connection of the mind and body through conscious breathing.  You will get more from your exercise and yourself if you are staying present with your thoughts, feelings, and sensations.